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Liz Van Pay was bit by the writing bug at an early age. From excelling in English courses to publishing works in the hometown newspaper The Green Bay Press Gazette, Liz’ first foray into journalism happened at the tender age of seventeen. Her favorite band at the time, AFI, was stopping in Green Bay, Wisconsin for an autumn tour, and the idea clicked. It was a nerve wracking experience, but that experience truly wet her appetite and gave her the positive drive to continue on the path to writing. Learning what to do, what not to do, what subjects to touch on and which to leave alone was a great lesson, and was an experience unlike any other.

Six years later, she has broadened her horizons after writing for high school and college newspapers, as well as several nationally-syndicated publications such as American Music Press (AMP), Alternative Press, Wonka Vision, and Inked. She was also the editor-in-chief of the Horrormedia Webzine for the period of approximately a year. Writing album reviews and doing artist interviews has always come easily, but growth is on the horizon, and her eyes are wider than they’ve ever been before. Life is an adventure, and she is ready to begin writing for more of her true passions – film, culture, and entertainment.

A love of the outrageous, the macabre, and even the typical, Liz is inspired by everyday life. Her favorite musicians are a true laundry list, including all-time favorites the Misfits and Motley Crue. She has a vested interest in horror films (particularly old films starring Vincent Price), and collecting horror action figures and articles containing religious imagery. An avid tattoo collector since age eighteen, she proudly wears her heart on her sleeve and her life story on her skin.

Photo courtesy of Bryan and Nicole Meyer at Alacrity Photography, Appleton, WI.


Written by Liz Van Pay

August 17, 2009 at 6:16 am

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